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1. April 2003

Bürkert Trailer

BÜRKERT FLUDI CONTROL SYSTEMS// IMAGETRAILER//   Imagetrailer for crossover communication.

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1. February 2001

BYK add emotion

BYK ADDITIVES & INSTRUMENTS// IMAGEFILM//   BYK Additives & Instruments belong to the Hidden Champions of the industry. Their chemical additives smooth automobile varnish, let foam bubbles disappear and improve adhesion of paint. – With our imagefilm series for BYK we make these effects concrete. And beyond we show the passion, with which through BYK’s chemical additives worldwide extraordinary […]

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23. May 2000


We work in all kinds of industry. For Hitachi, one of the leading manufacturers of analysing instruments for the steel industry, we filmed in several foundries.

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1. September 1998

Bürkert Imagefilm

BÜRKERT FLUDI CONTROL SYSTEMS// IMAGEFILM//     We’ve been working with Bürkert for many years. In all our common projects the encounters with the Bürkert People all over the world have impressed and touched us repeatedly. With their headquarters in tranquil Ingelfingen in Southern Germany the manufacturer of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases produces unique […]

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30. August 1998

BYK Key Visual

Out of the computer and into the water! We created and animated BYK-Chemie’s key visual, the product sample bottles, in the form of 3-D renderings.

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25. August 1998

BYK HT System

The future is now! Our teaser offers a glimpse of the unique laboratory and the largest test facility of its kind worldwide.We recorded the entire facility, produced 32 individual module films and integrated them into a 360° tour. This makes it possible to virtually experience the facility anywhere in the world.

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20. August 1998

BYK Splash

For the globally active chemical company BYK, we highlighted powerful color schemes and produced a teaser for web and exhibition content.

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