Wolfgang Flamisch

Graduated Photodesigner

Wolfgang keeps busy. Born in Dortmund he has been traveling at least three quarters of the globe, with a fellow’s heart and a free spirited mind. One day he will author a book titled ‚Allegories of Pizza and Life‘. For that and other reasons you better be curious.

Wiebke Fischer

Graduated Photodesigner
Concept/ Idea

Wiebke loves beautiful things, witty words, fresh air and Thuringian Bratwurst. She has got humor. And ideas. For example she’ll explain an international enterprise with a single piece of wire or tell you all about love with only two colors. Out of complex circumstances she creates stories that are fun to understand, and she coins and connects visual worlds that you can see and feel. - She thinks the best in her work is the moment when an idea, that once was a paper-scribble on her desk becomes alive in moving pictures.

Tobi Fischer

Camera Operator

Tobi films on ice, under laboratory conditions, with rabbits and dogs, on glaciers and snowboards, out of helicopters and of desert camels’ backs. - Tobi does the trick. That also holds true for his work in photo-postproduction, where he forms, creates, curses and invents high end visual worlds, which are to be seen on billboards from Sao Paulo to Shanghai. If Tobi does neither film nor photoshop, you find him longboarding the waves of the Atlantic and Northern Sea.

Dennis Weck

Digital Media Designer
Editing/ Camera

If you didn’t ask Dennis you’d never know that he owns a collection of colorful knitted beanies, did play ice hockey for ten years and he actually can fly. Truly incredible! Besides his superhero trades of character Dennis is team-minded worldwide and he is able to calmly stick to his tasks, until everything fits like a glove.

Selma Ammari


Selma makes people with clothes. If you send her looking she’ll find you the shirt of someones’ back and the most gorgeous vase right behind the bull in the china shop. You can bet your boots she’ll pull something out of her hat that’ll charm your pants off. Looking good?

Till von Mallinckrodt

Camera Assistant
Digital Operator

Have is better than need‘ says Till - and works along his motto with calm carefulness not only on set, but also takes his Leica camera everywhere he goes. And nowhere he prefers to be rather than on a boat on Lake Garda. Luckily he doesn’t need his boat license anymore, - he already has it.

Judith Eutebach

Make Up Artist
Hair Stylist

Without Coke life would be a joke! You won’t believe Judith’s sugar-addiction if you see her but powered by caffeine and carbs she has helped Lenny Kravitz already to get camera-ready. Fortunately it is in no way obligatory to be a good singer to feel in good hands with Judith.